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ross alderson,

Ross has spent his life at the intersection of art and technology.

From a kid playing games on an Apple II and Sinclair ZX Spectrum to a fine art degree in painting (and being the only guy in the computer department at art school) to working in the publishing, fine art, computer, software development and advertising industries, Ross has combined a passion for creative possibilities in technology and fine art with entrepreneurship in business.

A few experiences:

Wrote an MS-DOS user guide and designed computer books and manuals

Ran computer book exhibition stands all over the UK

Ran a mail-order computer book business

Launched a software and technical book store called KnowledgeBox

Exhibited own paintings in London

Marketing Director for a computer broking business

Founded the largest technology-only ad agency in the UK (sold to MBO in 1999)

Founder shareholder of

Wrote a column and articles for a number of computer industry journals

Pioneered technology shopping TV channel with Granada

Pioneered human computer interaction and behaviour consultancy

Founded and sold award-winning software development business, TW2

Created the first secure online transaction in the UK

Became part of the M&C Saatchi ‘Village’ of Companies

Built a collection of contemporary British art

Opened the first major, commercial contemporary art gallery in Birmingham, UK Read more

Invested in a number of art and technology-related startups

Founded software platform development business, Powershift labs

Co-founded Livestax, enterprise platform business

Founded Powershift Media to increase the value of venture and PE-backed businesses

Founded arthistory, a blockchain-based business to preserve the records of every cultural artifact on the planet

Humbly married to a great woman and father of 2 amazing kids.

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